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People seek counseling for a number of reasons. You may feel like you do not have just one problem but multiple concerns. Our therapists are here to help you sort through life’s challenges and find clarity and direction. We provide individual, couples, and family counseling for a number of concerns. Below you will find some common areas of interest for clients. Some of the areas may stand out for you as either a recurring or occasional experience. While your specific concern may not be listed here, we still may be able to help.

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One common mental health complaint is the inability to focus. ADHD/ADD is very widely diagnosed and unfortunately over-diagnosed. While ADHD/ADD may be a real concern and experience for some, difficulties with focus may be a sign of a different mental health issue such as anxiety. Whether it is ADHD/ADD or some other diagnosis, difficulties with focus can affect performance at work, school, and home. It can feel like it overtakes your life. Through counseling you can increase your self-awareness of your emotional experiences and develop the skills to overcome those challenges and increase productivity.

Alcohol & Substance Abuse

Challenges with alcohol and substances can consume your life. Alcohol and substance abuse often destroy lives and relationships. While you may want to change your relationship with substances and may have made several attempts, it is a difficult process particularly if you are doing it alone. At the root of alcohol and substance abuse are difficulties coping with life’s emotional demands. For some people, there may have been a life changing event that triggered unhealthy use. Therapy provides an opportunity to sort through your life and develop healthy sober living skills.


There are times where you may feel like you just cannot turn off your mind. You may be experiencing difficulties sleeping, focusing, heart pounding, sweating, shaking, and difficulties relaxing. These and other symptoms are typical for a person experiencing challenges with anxiety. While anxiety can often be frustrating and you may feel like it will never end, therapy can help. There are a number of skills that can help ease your symptoms and also unravel the issues that may be causing the anxiety.

Child & Parent Counseling

Family life can be rewarding but also challenging. There are a lot of personalities and personal needs to manage and try to understand. Both parents and children may find themselves feeling stressed about the relationship dynamics. Children often have difficulties communicating their needs with words and can act out as a result. Parents sometimes struggle to find parenting strategies that fit their child’s temperament. Therapists are able to help sort through the confusion and help families work better together.


Dealing with depression can be physically, mentally, and emotionally draining. When we think of depression, we often imagine someone who looks sad, feels down, isolates, and is unmotivated. Feelings of being overwhelmed often accompany depression and may lead to shutting down and difficulties functioning. Depression also sometimes looks like anger when it is more outwardly expressed. Sorting through your depressive symptoms can be a daunting task but having the added support of a therapist can help you get clearer, more definitive results.

Grief Counseling

Coping with a loss can be a very difficult process. Many people struggle to find direction and do not know where to start the healing process. The grieving process often gets avoided and the emotional struggles show up in your life in other ways. While the idea of grieving and connecting to those emotions may be scary, it is possible to move through them and continue enjoying life. Therapists can provide security and safety during this vulnerable time.

Marriage/Couples Counseling

In marriage and dating relationships, challenges happen for various reasons. Couples often struggle with communication and otherwise feel like they are not consistently on the same page. Other times a significant event has occurred that created disruption in the relationship and they may have difficulties getting back on the right track. At times a relationship may be so challenging that you are unsure it will work out and the idea of ending it has come up. Counseling can help provide clarity and direction about the issues and the relationship.

Motor Vehicle Accident Injury

Emotional and psychological recovery after a motor vehicle accident can be challenging. You may experience ongoing symptoms such as flashbacks, heart racing, and sensitivity to sights, sounds, and sometimes smells. Motor vehicle accidents may also have an impact on you physically if you are left with short-term or long-term injuries. Having a safe space to process through and adjust to the changes is important for stability and regaining a sense of security.


Low self-esteem almost feels like a bad word. Many people struggle with self-esteem at some point in their life although it is often hard to admit. An underlying issue with self-esteem may explain many of your struggles. There are “many faces of low self-esteem” (Dr. Leatrice R. Brooks, LP, Counseling Psychologist). Self-esteem work is difficult but very rewarding. It leads to increased confidence, healthy and informed decision-making, improved relationships, and overall increased life satisfaction.


Unfortunately, in our lives, we sometimes have experiences that have our thoughts and emotions in a whirlwind. Whether it be physical, sexual, emotional, abuse, or neglect, trauma can wreak havoc in a person’s life. People often relate to the experience of triggers which can cause disruption in our lives, make it difficult to feel settled and secure, and make it challenging to have healthy relationships with others and feel safe. Feelings of always being on alert, fearful, and even physical symptoms of trauma can appear. There are many approaches to working with and resolving trauma, and recovery is possible. Counseling can help you overcome those difficulties to resolve your emotions and help you understand that what you are going through is a result of the trauma and not because of something you are necessarily doing wrong.

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