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Welcome to Chosen PLLC, Where Your Mental Health is Our Priority

You have just made a very important step towards finding your healing. Our therapists are well-trained and prepared to address your concerns and meet your mental health needs. Chosen, PLLC is a safe, collaborative space for you to explore, learn, grow, and develop skills to help you create the life you desire. If you are tired of your current situation or otherwise just feel like a change is in order, you are in the right place. Therapy can help you get there.

Your mental health is our concern!

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Offering a range of services, we provide clients with the tools and skills they need to lead healthy and rewarding lives. Click here to Learn more about the mental health services Chosen, PLLC provides.


If you are in a position that makes it difficult to meet with a therapist in person, Chosen, PLLC can help you connect with a mental health provider online through our TeleHealth services.


For more information about the methods, approaches, costs, and other parts of the patient experience at Chosen, PLLC, click here to access our patient resources.

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If you have questions for the mental health providers at Chosen, PLLC, we invite you to reach out to our team. Follow the link below to contact our staff directly.

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Welcome to Clinician Conversations, where mental health professionals talk about how they cope with navigating life challenges.

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