What to expect

No receptionist

At Chosen, PLLC, we aim to create a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere and do not have receptionists. Please press the button on the table for your therapist, to notify of your arrival. When it is time for your session, we will come to you, introduce ourselves and move to a private office.

First Appointment

Each of our therapists are self-sufficient when it comes to scheduling. When you come in for your first appointment your therapist will have left paperwork for you to complete on the reception desk. You can get started on those forms and your therapist will be out to greet you shortly after your arrival. Your therapist will need to make a copy of your insurance and identification cards.

Follow-up Appointments

When you arrive for a follow-up appointment press the button for your therapist and be seated. At the time of your appointment your therapist will come out to get you. If there is a slight delay, be assured your therapist is on their way to get started with you.

You may print and complete the intake forms to bring with you to your first appointment or review online before your arrival. All three forms are needed.

Patient Contact Information Sheet

Outpatient Services Agreement

Financial Policy