About Us

Chosen, PLLC was established in January 2014 by Dr. Leatrice R. Brooks, LP while working as an independent contractor at another agency. In August 2015 the doors were opened at its own location at 1803 Whites Road in Kalamazoo, MI. There are two major pillars behind the establishment of Chosen, PLLC - one relates to the clients who seek services at the agency and the other to the providers of Chosen, PLLC. 

To the surprise of most people, opening a practice was not a lifelong dream for Dr. Brooks. After working in two different agencies following graduation, Dr. Brooks seemed to be led in the direction of owning a business. She felt there were important pieces missing from previous work environments. In establishing Chosen, PLLC, Dr. Brooks set out to create an environment that was visually and emotionally appealing and warming for clients. Participating in therapy can be very challenging and she believes the therapeutic space has to be just right for effective work to happen. Another priority for Chosen, PLLC is identifying and meeting the supportive needs of the therapists providing the services. A happy therapist makes for happy clients.

With over 15 years of higher education and training, provider training and experience are very important to Dr. Brooks. She is very intentional about bringing aboard therapists who share her value for quality service. She personally provides support as a professional resource to each of the therapists on staff.

While Chosen, PLLC as a professional practice is relatively new to the community, the work and experience of our therapists dates back a number of years. Dr. Brooks intends to continue the good work of Chosen, PLLC for many years.

  • Dr. Leatrice R. Brooks
    Dr. Leatrice R. Brooks, LP
  • Jill Chestang
    Jill Chestang, M.A., LPC
  • Benjamin Stuebs
    Benjamin Stuebs, M.A., LPC
  • Faith Costea
    Faith Costea, LMSW
  • Amy Wilson
    Amy Wilson, LMSW
  • Jennifer J. Jackson
    Jennifer J. Jackson, M.A.


  • Chosen, PLLC
  • Chosen, PLLC
  • Chosen, PLLC