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Chosen, PLLC was established in January 2014 by Dr. Leatrice R. Brooks, a professionally licensed Psychologist, Speaker, and Executive Coach. In August 2015, Chosen, PLLC opened its doors at 1803 Whites Road in Kalamazoo, MI and began to serve the Kalamazoo, Portage, Battle Creek and nearby communities. With the addition of telehealth services, Chosen, PLLC providers are able to reach clients throughout the state of Michigan. There are two major pillars behind the establishment of Chosen, PLLC - one relates to the clients who seek services with us, and the other to the providers who serve at Chosen, PLLC.

The name Chosen refers to the belief that every person has something unique to contribute to their community and the world. Our goal of "Empowering People to Reach Their Greatest Potential" acknowledges individual identity and purpose, and a commitment to resolving mental health-related concerns that interfere with a person's ability to shine.

Another priority for Chosen, PLLC is identifying and meeting the supportive needs of the therapists providing the services. This happens through organizational culture and community. The culture of Chosen, PLLC is one in which relationships amongst team members are important and people enjoy who they work with. We are also a community of professionals who want to help and support one another and contribute. Like our clients, we recognize that each provider has their own strengths and skills that add value to others.

In establishing Chosen, PLLC, Dr. Leatrice set out to create an environment that was visually and emotionally appealing and warming for clients. Participating in therapy can be very challenging and she believes the therapeutic space has to be just right for effective work to happen.

  • Dr. Leatrice R. Brooks
    Dr. Leatrice R. Brooks, LP
  • Jill Chestang
    Jill Chestang, M.A., LPC
  • Benjamin Stuebs
    Benjamin Stuebs, M.A., LPC
  • Edwina “Winnie” Wallace
    Edwina “Winnie” Wallace, M.A., LLPC
  • Laurel Huff
    Laurel Huff, M.A., LPC, DP-C
  • Lindsey Cord
    Lindsey Cord, LMSW
  • Devin Willis
    Devin Willis, M.A., Doctoral TLLP