Make A Payment

You are now able to make a payment and view your account balance and payment history with our secure connection through InstaMed. You can do so from your computer or smartphone.
Payment Types

InstaMed is able to accept check/debit card and credit card payments. Our preferred method of payment when using a bank account is to enter bank information versus debit card information but both are accepted. 
Pay Copay/Statement, Login, or Sign Up

Click the "Pay My Bill" button to pay your copay, pay from your statement, Log In or Sign Up for an InstaMed account (upper righthand corner), or pay as a Guest. Follow the prompts to make your payment, set up a recurring payment, or make a payment arrangement.
If you are not making a payment from a statement, after hitting "Pay My Bill", you will need to scroll down and choose "Don't have the information above? Pay Here" to make your payment. You can do this to make a payment with or without creating an account.
You can also download the InstaMed payment app and pay from directly from your mobile device. Click Pay My Bill and scroll down and you will see the buttons to download the app. 

Pay My Bill