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"Effective professional development is not about feeling good at the end but the lasting change that continues after the presentation has been completed."

Psychologist, Speaker, Coach, Consultant

There are many faces to mental health related challenges that show up in businesses and organizations. High achievers are not exempt. Whether it is said out loud, kept inside, whispered about at the water cooler, or shows up in behavior or performance, mental health related stress is happening in businesses. It can be a taboo or touchy subject that often feels complicated to address.

Mental health self-care can be learned through the development of what I call "transferrable life skills". These skill sets, when implemented consistently and effectively, will create healthy habits for success that can be used both professionally and personally. As a business owner, I understand that mentally healthy employees and leadership make for healthy, thriving businesses. Helping employees develop these skills is essential for transformational leadership which yields a greater connection and commitment to the company and its mission.

My passion lies in helping people learn about themselves, grow, and reach their goals. My knowledge of psychology adds a unique lens to traditional areas of professional development. The group dynamics and engagement that occur during workshops generates an empowering energy level. The individual growth and direction that begins creates excitement and motivation that translates into greater creativity and production. Participants will leave feeling knowledgeable, empowered, curious, and prepared to make positive changes.


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As a Fully Licensed Psychologist with a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology and a Master's Degree in Developmental Psychology, Dr. Brooks has studied the change and growth of people for many years through practicing in the field of psychology. She is also well trained in group dynamics and creating safe, stimulating, growth oriented environments where participants readily take healthy risks to try new behaviors. Mental health and equipping people with life skills is exciting to Dr. Brooks which is clear when she speaks. She helps people overcome the barriers that hinder them from reaching their life goals and empowers them to make positive change. Dr. Brooks provides clear steps for changing faulty, ineffective thought and behavioral patterns and moving forward successfully.



"Dr. Brooks is able to see psychology in everything. She’s able to make complex things very simple. She is able to meet the listener where they are ."

Dr. Addis Moore
Pastor, Mt. Zion Baptist Church

"Very helpful and easy to apply to my current work. I will also be able to use the information to assist students in my district."

Nkenge Bergan
Director of Student Services; Kalamazoo Public Schools


Many times, individuals find that they enjoy the work they do but it still feels stressful and overwhelming. Whether you feel there is a skill deficit or a "people problem", there is always something you can do, an area you can grow, to positively influence change. Identifying specific goals and having the right support and direction to achieve them can get you there. As an experienced psychologist, I am skilled at identifying strengths and growth areas within individuals and groups of people, and guiding individuals to resolution and greater enjoyment and production.

Professional coaching and consulting relationships involve working with individuals to identify goals and develop a plan for reaching those goals. Consulting helps identify problem areas, coaching helps resolve problem areas. I provide guidance, effective strategies, and points to consider. Coaching and consulting are not about dependency, but helping a person learn how to navigate their environment to reach their goals. It is about equipping people to do the work they want to do.

I am able to provide professional coaching and consulting in areas related to

  • Mental health and balance in professional/business roles
  • Identifying and understanding environmental needs
  • Transformational leadership development
Representative Client List
The Touch
CW Magazine
Delta Sigma Theta
Bangor Public Schools
Kalamazoo College
Mt. Zion Baptist Church
Peoria Public Schools
The University of Texas
Western Michigan University